IMS Policy

The Jose B. Lingad Memorial General Hospital is committed to provide accessible, affordable, effective and efficient hospital services through highly competent personnel, research and new technologies.

JBLMGH shall foster: Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality awareness and understanding in all its processes; ensuring compliance with the requirements of legislation, IMS standards and customer needs.

We shall involve and consult our employees on matters affecting their health and safety and provide them a safe working environment by mitigating hazards and risks.

We shall protect and promote a greener environment by mitigating the environmental impacts derived from our processes and implement conservation programs to safeguard all forms of life.

We shall create QMS, EMS, and OHS programs and measure all the IMS performances to ensure continual improvement.

Jose B. Lingad Memorial General Hospital ISO 9001:2015 QMS


To be an end-referral regional multi-specialty training hospital in Critical Care, Infectious Diseases and Women’s Reproductive Health in Central Luzon.


JBLMGH is committed to deliver effective and efficient multi-specialty services and training through highly competent personnel, research, and new technologies.

Core Values

We adhere to the highest ethical standards and impartiality as we consistently perform our services with honesty and transparency.
We render service with expertise and dedication regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, as well as social, religious and political affiliations.
We treat our patients with utmost respect and care, putting their welfare as our priority.
We consistently seek for opportunities to innovate and improve our services in responding to the needs of the public we serve.